Our Partner

Beacon House is a non-profit, community based organization that provides tutoring, mentoring, cultural, athletic, recreational and nutritional programs to at-risk children, ages 5-18, who reside in and around the Edgewood Terrace community in Ward 5 of Washington, D.C. Beacon House’s goal is to lift as many children as possible up and out of their often difficult circumstances.

Our Project

The Shout Mouse collaboration with Beacon House gives these young people a chance to write fiction inspired by their own experiences. The resulting novels not only allow writers to capture and process the joys and challenges of their lives, but also to reshape their own stories, imagining for themselves and for their characters different possible futures. 

Beacon House teen books are excellent reading material for:

  • Low-literacy or reluctant reader teens, who get engrossed in the drama and may be moved by the recognition of elements of their own lives
  • Social workers and educators who want to more deeply understand the experiences of communities they serve 
  • Everyone who is interested in complex family dynamics, coming of age, love and pain, frustration and hope, and the ways we can disappoint but also surprise ourselves and the ones we love

Beacon House also partners with Reach Incorporated, which means that Beacon House students can be Reach children's book authors, too! 

Writing this story was a way of telling people what is going on in my life without people knowing it is really me.
— Beacon House Author
This book is for all the kids who have had bad experiences, like when they don’t realize how much they need someone until they’re gone.
— Dedication for Trinitoga


The Day Tajon Got Shot

We started writing this book with one central question: What happens in a community when another black youth is a wrongful victim of violence by police?  In other words, what if something like “Ferguson” happened right here in NE DC?

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 A book club in Northern Virginia who read and discussed Trinitoga as one of their monthly selections!

A book club in Northern Virginia who read and discussed Trinitoga as one of their monthly selections!

Beacon House authors seeing their books for the first time!

Trinitoga authors posing with their brand new books.