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Listen to the NPR story about our book project to end child slavery in Haiti.


"We can do it together," ends the passage Haitian Restavek Freedom writer Rosemyrtha chose to read from MS Holiday's essay "How To Grow Up Like Me" in the memoir collection of the same title written by students at Ballou HS in DC.


I always thought about writing a book such as this one, but I was waiting until I got older to do it. I am really happy that I got the opportunity to write about it.
— Restavek Freedom children's book author
Writing this story was a way of telling people what is going on in my life without people knowing some of it is really me.
— Beacon House novel-in-stories author
Writing this essay was a challenge for me. I never expressed my experience with people before. I feel that this piece has helped me to release some mental tensions.
— Ballou High School memoir author