The Day Tajon Got Shot

Dear Miss Bates, Miss Calloway, Miss Davis, Miss Haynesworth, Miss Holmes, Miss McKoy, Miss Purvis, Miss Summers, Miss Teneyck, and Miss Whipple,

I have never written to any author before, but I loved your book and I just had to tell you. I think this is a really important piece of literature that speaks to both the simplicity and the complexity of the problem of race-based policing.

I especially liked how, right at the beginning, you explained each character based on how they dress. Your descriptions really resonated with me about the importance of self-identification. I also liked how you drew readers back into real life at the end; you didn’t let anyone put your book down and think it’s “just a story!”

Thank you for your book, and I hope to read more of your work in the future.

Lindsay M. Monte, Washington DC