The Day Tajon Got Shot

I think this has been one of my favorite books in the past seven months, because when I picked it up to read, back in September, it was right before grad class and so good, I couldn't stop the sneaky reading throughout class. When class was over, I literally set in the parking garage and finished the story because I probably would have pulled off the highway to finish the book, I was so stoked. The hooks to this story hypnotized me!

I couldn’t believe, at the end of the story that 10 separate individuals wrote this one single narrative. I couldn’t believe that young adolescent girls were the voices of their elders, were voices of their adversaries and were voices of males old and young.

What made this book so special was the perspective of the youth through the voice of the characters.

The literary use of alternating voices and short chapters in this title will keep even the most reluctant readers vested and engaged with anticipation. The use of multimedia graphics, such as newspaper headlines, black and white journalistic photos, social media text, and protest signs and posters aligns this books’ storyline directly with the headline human rights protests and injustices that have occurred since the book’s publication.

-Brichi, book reviewer