The Day Tajon Got Shot

While police brutality catches peoples attention, the young girls that wrote this book use the opportunity to get justice and stop police brutality. This is set by 2017 or even this year, The Day Tajon Got Shot is like being a witness of that day being told by these amazing storytellers and just the reality of the gun violence and with the timing like the other day the March for our Lives it puts me in the scene of just seeing something like this happen last year or even yesterday. Tajon is obviously the main character and there is his family Camilla, Tasha, and Dwayne and even the antagonists side which are Ashley and Zach and their mother and father Pete. The day Tajon Got Shot is just crazy and realistic to me and all the opinions that in reality we all have. This book I would definitely recommend to people that actually want a change otherwise if you read it and then just disrespect the stuff that goes on daily then do not even bother opening another book about the topic. This book personally for me is like Dear Martin which involves the same issues which are race, judgement, and even fear and just like there is a quote in this book made by the mother ¨Instead of shooting these kids,you need to pause for a minute. Do you have kids? Think of your child. This is someones child. You can´t assume every black kid is dangerous like I can´t assume that every white one is racist. This book is very special letting parents know and the world how African Americans are treated and goes the same way both ways people lose their minds when they lose a loved one and for the loss of a child even worse. The message is to think before you do what you do in this case shoot and just know you are impacting someone´s world either good or bad but don´t just assume.

-Iyonna, goodreads reviewer