Our Lives Matter

See! This book right here demonstrates how a movement should be constructed. Instead of focusing on the negative people within a community who often times get the publicity for their actions, it's best to demonstrate to others, especially minorities and those of low economic status, that there are individuals out there who are trying their best to change their outcome. Our lives matter showed me, a fellow African, that there are kids in inner cities who are going against the status quo of doing or selling drugs, getting pregnant or just not caring about life. It was refreshing and sad to see that some of these teens had to grow up quickly because of their parents and their situations.

A change needs to be made and I believe these young high schoolers will make an impact. Let's focus on the youth that are looking to succeed and show their peers they can be like this. Our lives matter, baby. Don't count us out!

-Komi Amegblenke