One Lonely Camel

We read One Lonely Camel today, and the kids really loved it. They gasped with shock (Larry's story really touched them), they giggled (at Tunechi's antics), and they roared their approval (the popular culture references). In short, it was a huge hit! When I asked who would give it 4 stars (our highest rating) all 20 hands shot up. I asked them why they liked it so much, and Akera said it best: "Those big kids wrote about things that all kids like, whether they're big or little."...Kam appreciated how the animals hid their sadness and seemed happy on the outside but were sad sometimes on the inside. Many of the kids thought that aspect of the book was really touching.

-Kelly, First Grade Teacher at King Elementary School, one of the many schools to which Reach donated their teen-authored children's books.