Trio + One

Trio + One is a great story about a middle schooler, Bobby, who is jealous of three popular best friends at school. Bobby feels like they get all the attention and exclude him, so he decides to split up the group with a schoolwide “Coolest Kid Contest” featuring the 3 kids. They soon turn on each other, coming to Bobby for friendship. However, once they realize his scheme, they ask him why he did this to them and tell him how he was never really excluded from the group. Bobby came to know that sometimes it was he who kept away from the other boys.

This book teaches kids how it feels to be excluded and how they should prevent anyone from feeling that way. In addition, kids will learn not to jump to conclusions. I highly recommend this book for anyone. It can be understood on different levels, but it would be best for kids 7 and up. I hope you enjoy this book. Its magnificent story line, along with all of the lessons that can be learned from it, is definitely worth your time reading. Enjoy!

-Dallas, Amazon reviewer