The Gloomy Light

When Ernie the Llama was abducted by green, slimy aliens, his best friend, Sal the frog, set out on a “ribbiting” journey to rescue his companion. Risking his life, Sal wouldn’t rest until he got Ernie home to his frightened family.

This story teaches children about friendship, one of the most important things in their lives. In this book, they will discover how true friends will always be there for you in your happiest and darkest times. Kids will also learn the life lesson of how, if you want something a lot, you can get it if you try hard enough. Sal’s quest around the world proves to kids that anything is possible.

The Gloomy Light is a fun and exciting thriller that all kids should have on their bookshelves. Reading this wild and crazy adventure was a pleasure. I highly recommend it to anyone who believes in true friends that will do anything for you, even through thick and thin.

-Dallas, Amazon reviewer