One Lonely Camel

One Lonely Camel is a wonderful book for all ages about a camel who thinks he doesn't quite fit in at the zoo. A camel is taken from home and arrives at the zoo. A friendly hippo overhears Larry the camel's rap about his being captured. The hippo thinks Larry's raps are cool, so the hippo talks the camel into performing a rap at the zoo's talent show. Larry is nervous that the other animals at the zoo won't relate to his raps, but in the end, the animals like it, and Larry finds out that all of the other animals at the zoo have stories to tell, too. Even the hippo has a story to tell. This book shows that friends are always there to help you out, and it is filled with both humorous and sweet moments. While reading this great book, the amazing illustrations will please your eyes. 

-Dallas, Amazon reviewer