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This summer, the teens of Reach Incorporated accepted a mighty challenge: write 4 smart, fun, inclusive, awesome books... in 4 weeks. They totally did it. And then a team of amazing illustrators spent over 400 hours bringing those stories to life. Wow! Creating these books is a real investment.  But we know it's worth it when that young reader connects to that teen author and asks, "Wait, you wrote this book? So can I write a book, too?"  Our answer: Yes, please.

We need you to make this happen. Will you help us empower a new class of authors, inspire a new generation of readers, and diversify bookshelves everywhere? Awesome. Support the 2015 Books by Teens Series.  

Inside Taking Down Ms. Moody. Art by Zoe Gatti.

Inside The Blue Spark. Art by Cassie Paris.

Inside A Little Girl in a Big, Big World. Art by Nathaniel Oliver.

Inside Flutterbugs. Art by Leslie Pyo.