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Photo credit: Reach

Photo credit: Reach


Shout Mouse Press empowers those who do not normally have the opportunity to become authors to do so. We work with communities whose voices largely go unheard in typical publishing arenas: authors of color; authors of limited resources; authors who are marginalized due to disability, lifestyle, or illness; authors whose work is not taken seriously because they are too young or too old. 

Our primary clients are nonprofit organizations serving communities in need. Examples: Reach IncorporatedBeacon HouseRestavek Freedom.

Shout Mouse was founded with the particular needs of nonprofits in mind, as we provide tangible, marketable products that tell organizations' stories in unique ways and help to amplify, diversify, and innovate outreach and fundraising. 

Note that we do NOT currently accept unsolicited manuscripts from individual writers. We are a writing program first, and a publishing house second. Our authors all produce their work through Shout Mouse writing workshops.    




Shout Mouse Press custom-designs book projects and coaching programs that best suit the needs and interests of those involved.  

  • We design a story-coaching program that empowers writers to tell their own stories--real or imagined--in their own voices. We work with all levels of literacy.
  • We can also design an art- or photo-coaching program to empower artists to tell their stories visually and supplement the text. If preferred, we can also provide professional illustrators.
  • We publish professional-quality books and make them available for sale through Amazon.com and through participating booksellers, schools, and libraries.
  • We work with author partners to develop outreach, fundraising, and publicity campaigns as needed.


Photo credit: Restavek Freedom

Photo credit: Restavek Freedom


Shout Mouse Press is based in Washington, DC, but we are available for book projects anywhere in the world. We are particularly interested in serving international NGOs and have excellent opportunities for outreach and fundraising events for international causes due to our location in Washington. 



Shout Mouse Press is available for programming throughout the year. Our story-coaching programs can run from one-week intensives to extended weekly workshops. 


Photo credit: Lana Wong

Photo credit: Lana Wong


Have you read our Mission?  :-)  Please do. We do what we do to expand the horizons of possibility on many fronts:

  • Who can be an author?
  • Whose story matters?
  • Who benefits from hearing the stories of those whose voices go unheard?

Our answers: Anyone. Everyone's. All of us.