"Unique" – MD

I will be attending Thurgood Marshall in the fall.

I am going to talk about the things that I think about most and I hope you understand the meaning behind it.

People are different. No two people are the same. Everyone has different looks and personalities. There aren’t any perfect people on earth, the only one who is perfect is the Lord. One of my biggest beliefs is that people shouldn’t bully each other because God made all of us and we shouldn’t make fun of any of his creations. God didn’t make people so that they could bully one another. In the bible, it says you have to respect each other as brothers and sisters. If you respect God’s creations, then you will be go to heaven because of your kind spirit. I never understood why people hurt each other. Why would anyone want to hurt one of God’s creations? We are all brothers and sisters, even if we are not related by blood. God made ALL OF US, we need to show him more respect.  

I wish we lived in a time when everything was calm and there weren’t people killing each other or arguing with each other. I think the only way we can heal is by listening to the Lord. The Lord speaks to me often, sometimes he talks to through gospel songs, other times he talks to me when I am really upset. One day, in class, I started ripping up a lot of my paper and the Lord came and spoke with me. God gives us all a chance to act right, even when we don’t deserve it. Even bullies get the chance to change. In life, people are going to do things that upset others. However, you don’t have to fight to solve your problems. God doesn’t like us fighting. We all have to learn to get along, that goes for everyone. Black people, white people, Asian  people, Latino people and every other race, we need to learn to treat each other equally.

We have to stop letting the Devil win. I noticed the Devil tries to creep in anyway he can, even through some bad rap songs that influence people to do the wrong things. We need to be strong, we need to pray. Sometimes, we all just need a break and may need to go outside and feel the natural air that God made for us and just take it all in. We have to stop worrying about good looks because we are all made in God’s image and his image is beautiful. We need to live right and we need to know that God is first , we are second, and our surroundings, this earth that we live on, is third.

I hope all the bullies and anyone who has ever been bullied will read this and I hope they realize that God is real and his love is real. Life is too short for us to not enjoy it. A quote that I live by is “I am glad that I am unique and I proud of it.” This quote is important to me because it reminds me that it is okay to be different because God made me this way.

– MD