"Stop Worrying" – HB

I will be attending Dunbar High School in the fall.

My time at Excel has been both fun and challenging. I have been at this school for 8 years and it was fun, well until 7th grade. 7th grade was fun but math was very difficult and I wasn’t passing at all. I thought that I wasn’t going to become an 8th grader. However, I did and I thought that 8th grade was going to be more challenging than 7th grade, but it wasn’t because the teachers actually explained the material. While I was going through the motions at school, I found out that my cousin died. I cried so much but people are so used to seeing me happy that I felt like I couldn’t express my pain. I always put on a fake smile so that people don’t assume I am hurt. I never felt like I could be myself, completely. Until 8th grade,  my whole attitude changed and I have good grades and I had honor roll for three advisories, and I thought I was okay. Sadly, a couple months into my 8th grade year, my grandfather died. I was sad and then when I got my progress report, I wasn’t doing good. So, my mom took me to the therapist and they diagnosed me with depression and gave me medicine. When I got to school, I was sad and it showed, all my friends and teachers kept asking me “what’s wrong” and I kept saying nothing, even though that was a lie. Then, I got better and I wasn’t depressed anymore. When it rains it pours, because then people started bullying me about how I dressed and my hair and my shoes. Luckily, my friends stood up for me, even though I didn’t stand up for myself.

Right now, I am fine and people say stuff to me but I don’t pay attention to it. I am actually excited when I come to school everyday because I have teachers who motivate me and push me to do more than what's anticipated of me. The classes we have are fun and the teachers actually help me and  challenge what’s already in my brain. The teachers explain the material in different ways, clearly I love the few 8th graders teachers that I have, they’ve made this year amazing!  Some advice I would like to give my younger scholars is stop worrying about the person next to you and turn in your work on time. A quote that has inspired me is “Today I refuse to stress myself out about things I can’t control.” This inspired me because when people do bad things or do things you don’t agree with, you can walk away and not engage.

– HB