"Stay Ahead" – DM

I will be attending Richard Wright High School in the fall.

I am going there to focus on my writing and journalism skills. My 8th grade year has been awesome so far. I had so much fun this year and I will always cherish the memories. This is my fourth year at Excel and everyone always say “OMG, you go to an all girls school?” but it’s not as bad as people think. Sometimes we get along and sometimes we don’t, but that’s how girls act. I would say this was the most important year in my life so far. I remember when Ms. Austin first introduced us to My School DC and we started to look for the high schools that we might want to go to. She helped us so much during this time in our lives. I also remember her checking up on us to see if we completed our applications. She made this year so much easier. I remember when we went on our first high school tour and we went without any help from the school. Ms. Austin and Ms. Morris really held an entire grade level down by themselves. They made sure we got into high school, made sure we had field trips, taught us new academic materials and even helped us mature as young women. It’s been tough year at Excel but we, as in our 8th Grade team, made it through together. If it was up to me I would say that everyone should graduate.We deserve to walk across that stage and receive our diplomas on June 10th, 2017. We worked hard,we deserve to receive all our blessings. I know it’s only 8th grade but it’s a big thing for us and hopefully, it’s a big thing for Excel.When we graduate we will be the first graduating class from Excel.We are setting an example for the rising 8th graders and letting them know that it’s not easy but it can absolutely be done.

Our educational lives are similar to a makings of a cake.The cake consists of multiple layers. The bottom layer of the cake includes elementary and middle school, the middle layer is high school, the top layer is college, and the frosting is the career path that you choose. I am excited to be moving onto the middle layer of my educational cake.

My advice to the rising 8th graders is to stay ahead or get left behind. Also, don’t slack and be sure to do all your work, don’t wait until the last minute. Choose your friends wisely and respect all staff. One quote that has helped me is, “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” This quote helped me so much because it is so true. Basically, this quote is talking about never giving up and the beauty of pushing through challenges.