"Someone to Relate to" – DB

I will be an incoming student at National Collegiate Prep in the Fall.

To be completely honest, I don’t really remember my entire 8th grade year. Likely because I have a really bad memory. Many people don’t know this about me, but I don’t remember most things that happen to me. That’s why I don’t really try to savor each moment because I never remember it. If you’re an 8th grader in my class reading this, you might recall me talking about the past, but I likely pretended to remember small details to appear like I remembered. Also, I know I can come off a bit emotionless, that’s actually a true perception of me, I rarely ever display my true emotions. I’d like to think that I’m just a normal 13 year old girl. To many people, I may seem to enjoy social conversations but in all honesty, I don’t like to talk to people. Most 13 year old girls want to be included in everything and are desperate to be the center of attention, but not me. I would rather be the smart girl,who never talks than the talkative student who can never seem to get their work done.

I love to observe others, and if you’re my friend you may always see me staring into space. I just like watching how others act and react to real life situations, I often wonder what causes people to exhibit certain behaviors.  I am not completely serious all the time, on occasion, I may joke around and be silly. Sometimes people find the things I say funny, but it’s usually when I am being quite serious. In my opinion, many people think that my serious demeanor is humorous because I literally say whatever I am thinking. When it comes to school, I love being the smart one, I am often the first one to raise my hand and provide accurate responses to any and all questions. I’ve always been eager to participate in class, even in elementary school.  Although I don’t have the greatest memory, there is one thing that I remember from this school year, I was never the ONLY or FIRST one to have all the correct answers. Almost everyone was on the same level and we all related to each other. In elementary school, I could never talk to or even relate to my peers. However, this year there was always SOMEONE TO RELATE TO.

My Advice: Some advice that I would like to give my younger scholars is to always find someone to relate to. Don’t hang around people who you can’t relate to. If you hang with people who you don’t have anything in common with, you won’t ever be comfortable. Find people that you can be comfortable around.

Favorite Quote: A quote that helped me this year is one that I heard a teacher say before. It goes, “If no one helps, Help yourself”. This quote is important to me because I’ve learned that this quote goes can be applied to any aspect of life. Sometimes I may not understand a concept in class, so I just figure it out on my own. I know that I could just ask my teacher, but sometimes you need to learn how to help yourself.