"Prosper" – JF

I will be an incoming student at Dunbar High school in the Fall. I love to play basketball and I love food. In the future, I plan to become a detective.

“Blaze a path of your own brilliance and illuminate the world.” To me, this is the reason why I’m still attempting to be the best I can be in this tough world. I chose this quote because it indicates my significant personality and my peace of mind. Being in 8th grade is a struggle, and it takes a lot of patience and self control to be able to maintain a positive attitude in this specific grade. In my 8th grade school year, it's been a lot of chaos, prefights, brawls, verbal altercations and more. Also, throughout the school year I’ve experienced a little teacher abandonment and inequitable situations dealing with teachers and students. Then there’s the good moments like; pep rallies, fieldtrips, spirit weeks, and just days where we have parties with food and watch movies.

This school year has been quite adventurous. I mean, I managed to maintain a high enough G. P. A. to make honor roll two advisories in the school year, but sort of fell off in the 3rd advisory because of a personal/family situation but am working my way up to a 4.0 in this upcoming advisory. So, in the beginning of the school year, things started off how they should've been, but soon we started losing a couple of our teachers which was a huge setback for me, being as though it was the first five months of my school year, I've lost four very imperative teachers. The frustrating part about losing those teachers was that it took almost two months to find replacements, which affected me greatly. It affected me because not only was I being held back from learning the important stuff I should have been learning, but I was not being properly prepared for high school as I should've been. Well not until my favorite teacher, Ms. Austin stepped in and started offering us high school info sessions and field trips to DC’s top-ranking high schools and took us to Edfest and created G4L- Life Lesson sessions to prepare us for the world outside of Excel Academy. Pretty soon after that we started having temporary substitutes for those classes we didn't have teachers in. So if you ask me, Ms. Austin has guided us through the majority of this school year to help us get to our selected high school and I really appreciate her for that. The best piece of advice I can offer the younger scholars is that even through hardships you just have to remain calm and patient because when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Meaning if life throws obstacles in your way, turn those obstacles around and figure out how to use them as a good source.

– JF