"Obstacles" –AH

I was born and raised in North Carolina. I will be attending National Collegiate Prep in the fall.      

I am strong,

I am special,

I am one of a kind,

I am a Black beautiful queen,

I am powerful,

I am proud of my culture and my heritage,

I am the Black Child, I am a Child of God,

I am not ashamed of my skin, Even though black men want women

Lighter than their mothers, Brighter than their sisters, whiter than their daughters, Different from their cousins,

The beauty of Your beautiful brown skin,


You're the child that everyone thinks is ghetto,

You’re the child that everyone thinks is loud ,

You're the child that sits in the back of the class because you're different from everyone else,

You’re the child that everyone hates for no reason,

You’re the less fortunate child,

You’re the child that always succeed,

You’re the child that has goals in life,

Equality comes from treating everybody the same,

People learn to hate,

Why can't we just can’t have justice.

You have a voice,

You are powerful

You are an intelligent scholar.


A word of advice for my fellow scholars is to pay attention in class and do your work because having a good education is the key to success. A quote that has helped me during my 8th grade year is a quote by Kendrick Lamar, it goes - “Life will put so many red lights in front of you, but sometimes we must push on the gas and trust god”. This quote is so important to me because in life there will be obstacles that one must overcome.