"Nothing Lasts Forever" – EG

I will be an incoming freshman at National Collegiate Prep in the fall.

On March 4th, 2016, I found out that I lost someone very important to me. I was in ELA class, that’s when I got the text and the call from my best friend, she informed me that her big brother had been shot. His name was Adam, he was 22 years old with 3 kids and one on the way. I was confused and shocked all at the same time, I didn’t know whether or not to believe her at the moment or to take it as a joke because I had just seen him on Friday.When I got home, I rushed upstairs to my best friend confused and nervous. I opened the door to see everyone on the living room couch crying. I walk into her room to see her crying, wrapped up in her blanket. I burst into tears. I sat at the very end of the bed and asked her how did all of this happen. It took her a minute to get it out but when she did, she told me it happened on March 2nd. She didn’t want to tell anyone. She says that he was at his house and he took his 5 year old daughter to the ice cream truck, a man walked up to him and tried to start an argument with him. Everyone who knew Adam, knew he always had to have the last word. All of a sudden, the guy pulls out a gun and shoots him in his head. Remember his 5 year old daughter is with him, she ran into the house saying that he fell. Everyone ran outside to see him laid in a pool of blood. They rushed him to the hospital, when they got there, the doctor informed his family that he would be incapacitated or they could choose to pull the plug for life support now.

When I found out that they pulled the plug, I was heartbroken and angry. I felt this way because he was the only male role model in my life to teach me right from wrong and how to handle certain situations. Also,  he has 3 kids, 1 girl and 2 boys with one boy on the way.They have to grow up without their father in their lives and he won’t be there to see them grow. Adam was important to me because when I was down, he would always tell me to “Keep a smile on my face because that’s what people hate the most!” He was like a big brother to me, he always influenced me to do my best in life because I won’t get a second chance at everything. I feel angry to know that his kids had to lose their their father at a young age and that they didn’t find out until almost a week after  his passing. Now, he has a new baby on the way with no father in his life. His children didn’t find out about the death of their father until a while after it happened. The family was afraid of how they would react. When the kids finally found out, they reacted calmer than we expected. They just asked questions like “ Is God going to take care of him? Is he in heaven with the angels?” When the kids were asking questions, all I could think of was “Why would anyone ever do that to him? Why did he deserve this?” I was just confused and hurt. I talked to my mother about it she said it was just his time to go home. My whole reaction to this incident was alarming and life changing. I learned that you have to appreciate the people you love while they are still here because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

My favorite quote is “Because in the end, all you will ever have is memories.” This is my favorite quote because it helps me understand that nothing lasts forever. My advice to the younger scholars is to stay to yourself and avoid trouble because sometimes hanging with the wrong crowd will cause you to get into a lot of trouble.