"Never Take Life for Granted" – AG

I will be an incoming freshman at Friendship Collegiate in the fall.

Love Me Until The End : A Poem

When you lose the one you truly love,

You feel lost inside

But you cannot lose your pride,

You gotta keep your head up high

And say everything is going to be alright.

You have to know that whoever you lost is in a better place

And learn to just keep a smile on your face.


When you lose the one you truly love,

You have to be brave enough, even when you don’t want to be

There will be times when you just want to stop and break down.

Always think about the good times that you and that person shared.

Cherish all the good times and all the beautiful memories.


When my nephew passed, I didn’t even want to get out of bed,

The pain that I felt from losing him was crippling.

But I realized that I was letting negativity win by not cherishing his memories.

Whenever I started to feel down or sad about my lost, I would write.

I would describe all of the emotions and pain that I was feeling,

I would write to express how much my heart hurt.

Writing and expressing, helped me heal, it helped me grow,

I will always keep a pen, paper, and a special place in my heart for my nephew.

Forever love, no matter what.


I’d like to leave you with a quote that has helped me get through difficult times and it goes, “Death leaves a black hole in your heart but sweet memories can help fill the void.” I chose this quote because my poem is about my nephew, his life was cut short at a very young age. However, each day I am able to carry on by cherishing the memories that I have of him. The best advice that I can offer is to never take life for granted.