"Life is Short" – MM

I am in 8th grade. I’ve been at Excel for 8 years.

I screamed at the top of my lungs as 2017 arrived. I remember thinking to myself how this was going to be the best year of my life, well at least so far. But it turns out, I was horribly wrong. While I was hoping for the best, the worst was happening. At 4:30pm on February 6th, I got news that  my uncle died of cancer. It took a while for me to process the news, I don’t think I’ll ever completely recover. I had intense feelings about his death --I didn’t know him that well, but I knew him enough to miss him. Another thing that made it depressing was the fact the he died of cancer, and a lot of people in my family died of cancer. A few weeks after my uncle died, I heard that my aunt died too. I was relieved that my aunt didn’t die of cancer but instead she passed of old age. It was still painful to hear that she was gone. After all the pain, I realized that life is short and it isn’t a game. It’s okay to have fun but not all time, sometimes we need to take things seriously.

My 8th grade experience was like a crazy rollercoaster ride. We lost a lot of people. We lost some people we thought would’ve lasted for a long time at our school. We lost teachers that we thought would’ve stayed long enough to make memories with us. A lot things happened this year, some good, some bad. But through it all, I had friends that helped me stay strong. I just want to thank the friends that stayed with me through the tough times that I couldn’t handle alone. Also, I want to thank the teachers that helped me and encouraged me to make the right choices.

A piece of advice that I have for my fellow scholars is to be careful who you call your friend. Sometimes, the wrong friends can hold you back and you have to be strong enough to let go. It may hurt but you’ll grateful for your strength in the future. Having the right friends will actually be a huge benefit to your happiness and your future. A quote that helped me through my 8th  experience is, “Learn to teach yourself, because teachers won’t always be there.”  I say this because this school year, we’ve lost a lot of teachers and there were times when I had to teach myself. Even if there was a teacher available to help me, I would still attempt to solve my problems independently.

– MM