"Find Happy Moments" – LH

I will be attending Thurgood Marshall Academy in the fall.

When I was in elementary I was bullied because of how I looked and how I ran. Every time we would have recess I would usually play with my friend T, but other times I would play by myself because I had only had one friend. The bullying I endured was traumatic, people used to push my head, trip me up, and sometimes try to push me down the steps. My first day of 3rd grade was a living hell and my first day of after school was even worse.

As I grew up, the bullying started to get worse. Every time I would get up, other students would try to trip me, just to see me fall so that they could laugh. The teachers would tell them to stop but they never listened. As I grew up, I finally stopped caring about bullies and realized that they are truly ignorant. Sometimes I would have flashbacks of the bullying incidents and I would just break down and cry. I used to have really low self-esteem because of the things that went on in my life.

I would always doubt myself and tell myself I should just give up. I would always call myself fat, ugly, dumb, stupid, and worthless. I would sometimes say that nobody cares about me anyway so I should just give up now before I cause anymore problems. I am a very sensitive person. The littlest things can make me cry but I don’t show it. I would always keep my feelings to myself because I thought no one would care about how I felt, so I thought it was best for me to just keep my feelings to myself.

Music helped me through my bad times. I listen to different genres of music. Music was my way of calming down and I used it as a method of de-stress. Eventually, I learned how to remain calm. However, in 6th grade, my depression started all over again. I used to get talked about, boys would push me and try to trip me up, and they would call me ugly. Now, I am in the 8th grade, attending an all girls school and I am bi-sexual. When I told my mom,  she was surprised. I had a very hard time trying to tell my father because he is very religious. Once I told him that I was bisexual, he didn’t react the way I thought he would. I am doing a little better in life now. I still haven’t figured out the right way to do things but I do know that you have to find happy moments in life and hold onto them.