"Changes" – JT

I will be attending National Collegiate Prep High School in the Fall 2017. When I get older, I want to be an attorney or an entrepreneur.

My 8th grade experience has been a little difficult for me, for many reasons.  One reason is because of everything dealing with high school. Starting in August, we had high school sessions, so we can receive information about different high schools. The DC lottery application was stressful because we had to pick the high schools that we wanted to go to and put them in the right order. On March 31st, we found out what high school we got into and I was happy that I got into my number one choice. Another reason 8th grade was kind of difficult was because of amount of drama we had. Drama that consists of fights, rumors, and people being “fake”. Let me be honest, I was in a couple scenes of drama. The drama was really petty because it was about being “fake” and “switching up on people.” I kind of let the drama get in the way of other things that were important. As of now, I try not to let dumb drama get to me, but it is hard. In 8th grade, I also ran for student government president. Running for president was stressful because writing a speech was difficult. When I  wrote my speech, I didn’t think it was that good. When it was time to read my speech to the school, I wasn’t really nervous. I was just scared about messing up my words. Luckily, when people voted, they voted for me. I was excited and thankful because I really wanted that position. We have also had problems with our teachers being fired or quitting. For example, at the beginning of the school year, our science teacher left. So, we haven’t had science all year. That’ll be a struggle that we have in high school because we will be behind academically in that subject area. 8th grade has taught me a few things. One thing is that school and work is always what’s important. Another thing is that you shouldn't trust everybody because everyone isn’t your friend. All in all , this year has been a few things: stressful, fun and memorable and I will never forget it.

The best advice I can offer the younger scholars is to always to focus on work when you come to school. I say that because you come to school to learn, not for anything else, so nothing else is more important. And lastly, stay away from ALL drama! A quote that has helped me is  “Fear has two meanings, Forget Everything And Run Or Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours.” - Anonymous.  I chose this quote because it represents something important to me.