"Challenges" – DB


I will be an incoming student at National Collegiate Prep in the fall.

For me, my 8th grade year wasn’t that hard, even though a lot has happened. This school year has been so unorganized but I managed to keep myself organized. When you go to an all girls middle school, it’s most likely filled with drama but all you have to do is keep yourself out of it. There have been tons of kids suspended and dozens of peer mediations because of drama but I managed to stay away from all of those issues. I am the type of kid who comes to school, gets my work done, and then I go home. When I get home, all I see is grown men and women, outside in the parking lot drinking and smoking. I take the negative things I see as a sign telling me to go to school, so I won’t end up like the negativity in my environment. I don’t understand how people can stand outside all day and NOT GO TO WORK. If they went to work, they would make money, the right way. Sometimes, I see young girls with their newborn babies and toddlers outside, standing outside all day. Those types of parents aren’t showing their kids how to grow up and make differences in the world. It’s such a sad sight to see and what’s even worst is that some kids grow up to do exactly what they see people in their neighborhood doing, kids learn from examples.

I go to school and  mind my business, which is what all the other students need to do. I don’t try to be like other students or try to show off to get friends because that’s not what school is for. School is to get your education. Sometimes, I just sit and observe the 8th graders and sometimes they say and do dumb things. They literally follow one another trying to make friends. If you have to be like someone else to be their friend, that person is not your friend and you're not their real friend either. I think I am  ready for high school but I know I am going to be a little behind because of all the teacher retention, we don’t even have a science class. I am ready for the transition from all girls setting to a co-ed setting. I definitely won’t change just because I will be attending school with boys. I am going to be myself no matter where I go. The best advice that I can offer the younger scholars is to always be yourself and try your best. A quote that has helped me is “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”. I chose this quote because it’s true. If you do the same things over and over, you won’t learn anything new, but if you challenge yourself, you’ll learn new things.