"Best For You" – JH

I am 14 years old and I was raised in Southeast, D.C. I am the eldest of 3. I enjoy reading, writing and drawing.

My life has always been a little complex because I have to make sure that I am doing everything that my parents tell me to do. My life was kind of hard at first, because my dad had to raise me by himself. I really love my dad and I try my hardest to make him proud. One quote that my dad always says to me is “You’re the only person in this world that’s going to take care of you. Not me, not your friends,YOU and that’s the only person that you should worry about.” This motivates me everyday and this is something that I know I should listen to because when I am in my class, my friends are not working for my grades. The only person that is responsible for my grades is ME. To be honest, something that opened my eyes was when my sister was born, I knew that I had a big responsibility to take on. Ever since then, my parents have appreciated my hard work, even though I may get on their nerves half of the time, I still have to do what I need to do. Something that has always calmed me is drawing, I am actually a really good artist.  I remember my picture was placed in our school newspaper and my parents thought that I didn’t draw it until I drew it in front of them.  

A word advice to all the kids having a hard time, always look to your family for support and be weary of things that some people may tell you are best for you. Not everyone wants the best for you and that’s okay. You just have to learn how to weed out the good from the bad. Often times, the people who don’t want the best for you, will try to secure places in your life, it’s up to you to shut it down. Be strong, be confident, and be smart .        

– JH