"Be Strong, No Matter What" – KB

I am thirteen years old.  

I was born at United Medical Center (UMC) in Washington, D.C. I was born in the year 2003, on Friday, October 3rd. Growing up was easy for me, well at least until the third grade. In third grade, it was fun but pretty hard for me to stay focus on my schoolwork. At that time, I was getting bullied in school, at first, I didn’t realize that the “popular” girls were talking about me. They called me names, made fun of my looks, and they destroyed my soul and showed me that not everyone is a good person. I became very quiet in school and my grades were slacking because I didn’t care about anything.

When my parents found out about my behavior, they were disappointed in me. When I told my teachers and family that I was bullied, I felt better about the whole situation because I had finally sought support for an issue that had been damaging me for so long. As I got older, I realized that I didn’t need to worry about what others said about me. I needed to be strong no matter what. Later on, in my school life, I gained a couple of friends.

On Saturday, March 28th, 2015, it felt as though my whole life ended. My aunt peacefully passed away. Her name was Benita, she died from breast cancer. She accomplished many goals in her life and that is one of the main reasons why I respected her. My aunt always taught me to follow my dreams, no matter what obstacles jumped my way. She is my role model and always will be because she never gave up on herself, her family or her goals. A couple of months after my aunt’s death, I felt emptiness. I had been having family and school issues. I felt like I had no purpose in life and I couldn’t believe that I came to this point in my life. I never even thought I would have feelings of emptiness or depression. Being the person that I am, I would always smile or seem happy but deep inside I had all of these problems, bottled up inside of me.

My 8th grade experience was a “roller coaster” from happy to sad moments and I even had some of the best moments of my life this year. This school year, I learned so many life lessons and how to work hard and stay focused. A quote that has helped me during this school year and through my most difficult times is a quote by Thomas A. Edison and it goes, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”. This quote speaks to me because it motivates me to keep trying even if I fail. A word of advice that I would like to leave with my fellow scholars is work hard to achieve your dreams.

– KB