"Assumptions" – EG

I was born and raised in Southeast D.C. I will be attending National Collegiate Prep in the fall. Ultimately, I would like to be a veterinarian.


Just because I live in Southeast D.C., I am loud, ghetto, and ignorant. Actually, I am smart and I have manners. I have good grades and I accomplish my goals. During my 8th grade year at Excel Academy, my teachers have pushed me to do my absolute best. I’m not just learning how to simply read a passage from a book. I actually learned real life lessons and they were taught to me inside of my very own classroom. This year, we really learned the definition of sisterhood, we maintained a strong bond even through our ups and downs.


Just because I love to write, I am a nerd. I love to write about how I feel whether I am happy, sad, or just expressing moments with friends or family. I also write about how I feel about people. At this school, you will have different emotions. Some days you will be glad to be with your friends, while other days you won’t feel like being bothered. My favorite quote is, “Be the kind of women that makes other women want to be you.” I like this quote because you have to be a leader, so other people can follow behind you and do the right thing.  My advice to the rising 8th graders is to never give up and always try you best. Also, set goals and keep track of your priorities. If you are having trouble with a subject, go to tutoring or talk to a teacher.  Be competitive with yourself, so that you can ALWAYS do better. Concentrate on what is important and don’t stress when you are struggling, look for ways to solve your problem. Try to make a difference, if you see someone struggling, help them with what you can.

– EG