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The Ballou Story Project Series

Frank W. Ballou High School is located in a low-resource, high-crime neighborhood of Ward 8, SE Washington, DC. Ballou doesn't (yet) have a newspaper or literary magazine, and all too often its narrative is shaped by stories told by outsiders. With the Ballou Story Project, we're happy to hand that mic to the students themselves. They tell stories that highlight the dedication, perseverance, heart, and joy of the community. Read these stories to meet educators, administrators, and fellow students working hard, overcoming, and believing in each other. Ballou is a real and necessary home for many students.

Ballou Story Project 2019 authors are eligible for the BSP CollegeReady Scholarship. Click Here to find out more.

There’s no single event that made me an adult. It’s not ‘once upon a time I was kid, and then I was a teen and learned how to grow up.’ For me I skipped that step. I was a kid and then I wasn’t.
— Essence Milling, Ballou HS Author