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Reach Incorporated: Books by Teens

How often do our stories for children explore sadness, loneliness, and disruption? While these children’s books are rare, the reality is all too present for many of our young people. Teen authors Rashaan, Sejal, DaQuan, and Zorita took on this challenging topic through the eyes of Larry, the lonely camel.

Swept away from his home in Egypt, and left without his family for the first time, Larry finds himself living in a zoo. Tunechi, a friendly hippo, welcomes Larry to the zoo family. A rapper, Larry overcomes his stage fright to share his story. But, how will the other zoo animals receive him? Find out in One Lonely Camel.

This book was an awesome read, from front to back!!!! My kids absolutely loved it, and have read it several times since I purchased it. This is definitely a must have for all ages.
— By Vikki Sheppard on Amazon.com