Set of (11) Books by Beacon House Authors

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Set of (11) Books by Beacon House Authors

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Get the complete collection of Shout Mouse Press titles by the authors of Beacon House.

This collection includes:

Novels by Beacon House teen girls:

  • Trinitoga: Stories of Life in a Roughed-Up, Tough,-Love, No-Good Hood
  • The Day Tajon Got Shot

Children's Books by Beacon House teens who are also tutors for Reach Incorporated:

  • Drip, Drip: The Story of the Angry Sherbet
  • The Blue Spark
  • Spanky the Pup
  • Taking Down Ms. Moody
  • A Little Girl in a Big, Big World
  • Out of Breath: Kendra's Big Secret
  • Carla and the Jazzed Up Scorch Torch Funtastic Sneakers
  • Deena Misses Her Mom
  • Madison, Sit Down!
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